Book Review: Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jessen

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Lunar Love by Lauren Kung Jessen

Publication Date: January 10, 2023

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Emma’s Rating: ????

The Verdict: Independent woman with a cute story.

Lunar Love Synopsis

Olivia Huang Christenson is a young woman who is set to take over her grandmother’s successful matchmaking business. However, her plans are interrupted when she discovers that Bennett O’Brien, a handsome and successful entrepreneur, has developed a new dating app that could potentially destroy her family’s legacy. Liv is frustrated and outraged that Bennett’s new app reduces her grandmother’s traditional Chinese zodiac approach to matchmaking to a mere “animal attraction.”

Despite their initial animosity, Liv and Bennett make a bet: they will find a match for each other, but whoever falls in love first loses. Liv knows that Bennett has a history of stealing business ideas, and she is hesitant to trust him. However, as they work together, Liv realizes that there is more to Bennett than she initially thought. As their relationship progresses, Liv starts to see Bennett in a new light, and she finds herself questioning her own beliefs about love and tradition.

With their businesses on the line and emotions running high, Liv and Bennett must navigate their feelings for each other while trying to outsmart one another. As Liv learns more about herself and Bennett, she realizes that the real prize might not be the bet after all, but the possibility of finding true love.




Lunar Love Book Review

This was unexpectedly cute. It was on the predictable side, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The beginning started off slow, but picked up the pace once there were more moments with Olivia, Liv, and Bennett. Their chemistry easily came across on the page, and I enjoyed how their relationship built up over time. 

Liv’s determination to keep Lunar Love afloat was admirable. After she took over the business from Pó Po she greatly wanted to keep the tradition of match making alive, while making some necessary shifts to digital marketing. Liv, like myself, also struggled with how to identify as a person since she’s mixed race. That made her more relatable and real, in my opinion. 

Some grievances I had about this book are it was a predictable and repetitive. Obviously, Liv and Bennett were going to end up together. There was no doubt about it in my mind when I started the book. Also, I understand that both Lunar Love and ZodiaCupid are match making style businesses that heavily rely on the Chinese Zodiac for compatibility purposes, but the repetitiveness of the book stemmed from that. I feel like every other chapter I was reading a similar reason from Liv’s point of view about how her and Bennett are not compatible.