Book Review: People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry

people we meet on vacation review

People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry
Publication Date: May 11, 2021
Genre: Romance
Emma’s Rating: ????
The Verdict: Romance with a kick of humor that’s good for the soul.

People We Meet on Vacation Summary

Poppy and Alex have been the best of friends since college despite their polar opposite personalities. While Poppy is a wild child with insatiable wanderlust, Alex is a laid-back guy who enjoys spending his time at home with a book. Despite their differences, they have taken an annual vacation together for a decade until they had a falling out two years ago, which resulted in them not speaking to each other since.

Poppy realizes that she’s stuck in a rut and the last time she was truly happy was on that final trip with Alex. She decides to persuade him to take one more vacation together to fix their friendship. However, there is a big truth that has always been between them, which she must confront. The story is about their journey to reconcile their differences, rebuild their friendship and face the truth that may change their relationship forever.

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***People We Meet on Vacation SPOILERS BELOW***

People We Meet on Vacation Review

This book was such a feel-good! I will admit it broke my heart a bit, too. Not because of the delayed love between Poppy and Alex, but because of the deep friendship she has with him. I’m a big fan of the friends to lovers trope, and sometimes when the friendships are so long and deep it causes more heartbreak, which I’m also a sucker for. Emily Henry did a beautiful job of depicting the reality of what a real relationship would be like between Poppy and Alex.

I’m not usually a huge fan of the sick trope, but Emily Henry knocked that chapter out of the park and somehow made me forget about the sick ick. A job well done indeed!

Some of the moments in this book reminded me of my own moments in life, and, in a way, helped me process what my feelings were at the time. Emily Henry has a great way with words and her romance books are always a winner in my eyes.


What are memorable People We Meet on Vacation Quotes?

“I don’t think I knew I was lonely until I met you.”

“Like a good book or an incredible outfit, being on vacation transports you into another version of yourself.”

Who are the People We Meet on Vacation characters?

The two main characters in the book are Poppy and Alex. Poppy is fun-loving, free-spirited woman; whereas, Alex is more of a subdued man with a voice of reason vibe.

How many pages long is People We Meet on Vacation?

This book is 364 pages long.

Is People We Meet on Vacation spicy?

This book would be considered mildly spicy.

What is the People We Meet on Vacation age rating?

The age rating for People We Meet on Vacation is 18+.

What are other books by Emily Henry?

Some other popular books by Emily Henry are Beach Read and Book Lovers.

When is Emily Henry’s next book being released?

Emily Henry’s next book is titled Happy Place and it’s scheduled to release on April 25, 2023 in the United States.

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